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AGM - Communication Design Specialist

Job Req ID:  11471

Mumbai, IN

Function:  Marketing/Digital


Communication Design Specialist

Job Level/ Designation

M2 / Assistant General Manager

Function / Department

Marketing / CXX


Corporate Office, Mumbai

Job Purpose

Design world class consumer experiences through transformation in customer communication and policy frameworks. Drive Brand differentiation & positivity using communication as key across all offline, online & social channels.

Key Result Areas/Accountabilities

  1. Design New and re-create existing customer communication: Analyse all current communication going out across channels, systems and modes. Evaluate communication on context, simplicity, tonality, call to action and push to Digital. Design communication scripts across 75 systems – managing 92k+ scripts across 8L+ scenarios. Identify break points and opportunities to delight through new contextual communication. Design new scripts for deployment at scale after a comprehensive problem solving approach and align for legal, regulatory and brand approvals. Own end to end customer communication across prepaid, postpaid, devices, content, roaming, vas, servicing channels and CnC, covering entire consumer base of VIL.


  1. Innovative brand positivity-focussed communication for creating significant competitive edge: Evaluate and Identify opportunities to enhance communication positivity across online & offline channels. Analyse customer VOC & centric KPIs to assess & improve. Drive governance to ensure communication continues to be up-to-date & using latest customer hooks.


  1. Enhanced customer engagement, increased revenue & recharge tertiary through Intelligence in communication: Identify key segments presenting opportunities for greater promotion engagement. Design alternative scripts – reimagining tonality, benefits communication including laddering and other communication principles. Pilot this communication to estimate impact. Rollout new communication at scale across the organization.


  1. Own customer Communication Guidelines & Policy for the entire VIL subscriber base: Develop policies relating to communication frequencies across journeys, channels, base & communication languages in every circle, sender ID guidelines, contact timings & guidelines and governance mechanism. Drive stakeholder alignment and subsequent implementation across entire VIL subscriber base. Evaluate and track customer feedback to design improvements.


  1. Decision enablement and stakeholder management: Create business case backed by analytics as well as strategic inputs for key decisions. Post decision and leadership buy-in, alignment of deployment teams for an effective launch.

Core Competencies, Knowledge, Experience

  1. Critical thinking, analytical, problem solving, business acumen, customer centricity
  2. Scripts design expertise, creative, content creation, language & tonality expertise – across online & offline channels
  3. Ability to influence senior leadership across corporate office and at circles

Must have technical / professional qualifications

  1. Advanced knowledge of communication principles, driving brand perception & CTA adoption
  2. Technological / digital expertise in evaluating communication tools
  3. BE, MBA from premier Business school + 10-12 years experience